Monday, July 2, 2012


To quote one of the funkiest songs around, “Oh yes it's ladies night
and the feeling's right.” And what a ladies night of heavy metal it was on the sunset strip!

The House of Blues / Hollywood once again was rocking and this time it was the ladies turn to shine. This walking hard on of a male noticed all bands playing that night had 1 to 3 females banging away on their instruments like this is a woman’s world.

Bands like Cry Wolf, Hardley Dangerous Divine Era and to finish off the mostly male testosterone alcohol fueled crowd “ SLEDGE LEATHER!”

This was my first show with the high-octane metal band Sledge Leather. Picture a female version of Halford on vocals with a backing band of old school metal heads channeling bands like DIO, PRIEST & IRON MAIDEN through them at the same time pumping up the crowd. Now don’t get me wrong. The first three bands that played did not disappoint at all. But when SL came out, there was this feeling in the air that,

Leather Leone, Sandy Sledge and Christopher Davidssons of Sledge Leather at the HOB / Hollywood
Photo by NickyMae

Hailing from San Francisco, ex-Chastain vocalist Leather Leone reunites with her former Rude Girls drummer, Sandy Sledge and with the additions of Matthias Weisheit on guitar, Scott Warren, who played with Heaven & Hell and Dio, on keyboards, Christopher Davidsson on guitar and Rick Lambert on bass, all come together to create “Sledge Leather” 2012

Leather Leone and Sandy Sledge started with Rude Girls in 1980 and they started headlining metal shows in the San Francisco area and played with the likes of Suicide Tendencies and Megadeth. When the band broke up before they recorded their first album, Leather went on to become the lead vocalist for Chastain until 1989 when she recorded her first solo album. After her final tour in 1991, she disappeared from the music scene for almost 20years.

In 2011 they resurfaced to form the duo The Sledge/Leather project with former shredder bandmate Sandy Sledge on drums, and the metal picking likes of Matthias 'Matthew' Weisheit on guitar. First on their metal agenda is their just released 2012 album

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